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  • Franchising - questions to ask franchisors

    Asking the right questions to the franchisor is so important when assessing a franchise opportunity. The following questions are designed to help you gather some of the information you require from the franchisor.

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  • Franchising - seeking professional guidance

    It is extremely important to seek good professional advice when evaluating any franchise business. Generally, you should seek guidance from your accountant, your lawyer and your banker.

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  • Franchising - taking a closer look at the numbers

    This article seeks to help you answer two basic questions: What can I afford and how much money will I make? Below, we take you through a simple step-by-step process to help answer these questions.

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  • Franchising your business - getting started

    You have thoroughly investigated the pros and cons of franchising, as explored in the companion ANZ Biz Hub articles on the topic. Now you are ready to get started. This guide offers some practical tips on your priorities and the logical steps to...

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  • Franchising your business - the fundamentals

    Franchising has grown rapidly in New Zealand over the past decade and many small business people wonder if it’s the answer to growing their business. This article looks at the fundamentals of franchising and other options for growth and expansion.

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