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  • Why databases are a valuable asset

    Computer-based databases offer you a powerful tool for marketing more of your products and services to your existing customers, and speeding up business processes. This guide covers the benefits of a good database, how to set up a database, how you...

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  • Why goal setting is important

    Goal setting gives you both direction and a destination and encourages you and your staff to reach beyond your perceived limits. This guide outlines the benefits of goal setting and the nine important steps for setting effective goals.

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    • from 10 ratings

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  • Infographic - Women in business

    With so much being said about the increasingly important role of women in business, this infographic takes a look at some key differences between female-owned and male-owned small businesses in New Zealand.

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  • ANZ Business Micro Scope - March 2016

    Business confidence across small businesses waned in the March quarter.

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  • Infographic - Key steps to take when starting a business

    Are you thinking of starting a business? From choosing a business structure to registering for GST, here are a few things you should and must do to get your business up and running.

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