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  • Understanding your Balance Sheet

    Many business owners find the Balance Sheet the hardest financial document to understand and interpret. This guide offers a simple explanation of the Balance Sheet, relates it to the Profit and Loss statement, and explains how you can use it to...

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  • Helping start-ups succeed

    Why do some start-ups fly while others struggle - or even fail? Use these tips to help you get your start-up off to a great start.

    • 3.2 out of 5 stars
    • from 22 ratings

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  • Tips on buying a franchise

    Franchises are becoming increasingly popular for people wishing to go into business. This brief introduction is intended to alert you to the advantages as well as the pitfalls of buying a franchise.

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    • from 23 ratings

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  • Gross Profit Break Even - Calculator

    This calculator will help you establish the minimum income you need to obtain to remain in business.

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    • from 10 ratings

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