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  • Getting a great price when selling your business

    If you’ve decided to sell your business, it’s important to plan in advance so you’ll be ready when the right buyer comes along. A good understanding of the different options for selling your business can help to get the best price possible for all...

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  • Planning your exit strategy

    So much time is devoted to day-to-day business, we often don’t consider how we’ll wrap it up, but exit strategies need to be considered and planned as early as possible.

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  • Successful succession planning

    Every owner would like his or her business to thrive into the future. Effort and hard work will ultimately be rewarded with a smooth transition to a new owner who carries your business legacy into the future.

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  • Succession planning made simple

    Many family businesses eventually pass to other family members or to selected employees, yet this process is not always successfully handled. This guide explores some of the key issues involved and explains why advance thought and proper planning...

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  • Should you use a business broker

    If you have decided to sell your business, is it worthwhile using a business broker? This guide explains the role of a business broker, the advantages and disadvantages of using a broker, the costs involved and how to find a suitable broker for your...

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