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  • Finding the right franchise

    Because franchising is simply a way of doing business and not a business in itself, the first question you should ask yourself is what sort of business you want.

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  • Managing your cashflow

    Managing your cashflow efficiently is a key business skill. This guide explains the principles of cashflow management and shows how businesses that neglect this task can get into difficulties

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    • from 85 ratings

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  • How to forecast cash flow accurately

    Being able to accurately forecast your cash flow is an essential business skill. This article covers the basics of cash flow forecasting, some top tips, and explains the benefits of managing your cash flow.

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  • Tips on buying a franchise

    Franchises are becoming increasingly popular for people wishing to go into business. This brief introduction is intended to alert you to the advantages as well as the pitfalls of buying a franchise.

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  • Running your business from home

    Increasingly people are choosing to work from home or start a home-based business. This guide explores the benefits and drawbacks of working from home and looks at ways of making your home office experience more productive and enjoyable.

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    • from 40 ratings

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