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  • How to avoid seven common business pitfalls

    You learn something new every day when you’re starting a business, sometimes the hard way. So we’ve put together seven tips to help you avoid falling into some of the more common traps.

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  • Managing your costs

    Good management includes keeping an eye on your costs, because a blow-out in this area can seriously erode your profits. This guide offers you some tips on what to look for and how to manage your operating expenses.

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  • Understanding your Profit and Loss statement

    The Profit and Loss statement offers you an important means of monitoring the progress of your business so it's important that you understand how it works. This guide offers a simple explanation of its structure and how you can use the Profit and...

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  • How to build a support network

    Thinking of starting a business? You may think you can do it all alone as you prepare yourself to become a small business owner, but having a strong support network around you can be a significant advantage.

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  • How to deal with workplace theft

    It has been said that one in three business failures is due to employee theft and nearly 80 percent of workers admit they have stolen, or would consider stealing, from their employers. Unfortunately, many businesses remain unaware of workplace theft...

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