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  • Identifying the size of your market

    It sounds obvious, but without customers you simply don’t have a business. So when you’re on the journey to start-up, you need to establish that there’s a market for the type of product or service you plan to sell.

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  • Tips on buying a business

    Thinking of buying a business? It’s an exciting thing to consider and can be one of the biggest decisions of your life.

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  • How to handle debt, collect what's owed to you and considerations for going to court

    A golden rule in business is to collect money owed to you fast. Faster than you have to pay out. So it’s important to have the skills to handle the people who owe you money. So what are the best ways to collect debt without upsetting your customers?...

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  • Five steps to make sure that you get paid

    Good credit management starts with your own systems. The best way to ensure that you get paid promptly is to ensure you have good systems in place that increase the cashflow into your business and minimize the risks of not getting paid. These five...

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  • A quick guide to family trusts

    Family trusts have become very popular in recent years. This guide explains some of the benefits of a trust and explains why planning for the future now can reap significant benefits for you and your beneficiaries.

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