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  • Franchising your business - the legal issues

    If you intend to franchise your business then it’s important that you develop clear agreements and standards for franchisees. This guide explores some of the legal issues involved in setting up a franchising programme.

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  • Franchising your business - the options

    This guide on franchising looks at the suitability of your business for franchising, what franchisees might reasonably expect from you and your options for franchise structures.

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    • from 2 ratings

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  • Generating sales in your first 90 days

    A new business needs customers fast. A targeted promotion plan for the first 90 days after launch will help you gain them.

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  • Getting the most out of your website

    Many businesses invest in websites but are disappointed by the results. The first part of this guide looks at ways of improving your website and the second part describes how a website based on relationship marketing enables you to develop...

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    • from 6 ratings

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  • How to build a support network

    Thinking of starting a business? You may think you can do it all alone as you prepare yourself to become a small business owner, but having a strong support network around you can be a significant advantage.

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