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Starting a business is an exciting journey. Many new start-up owners say that nothing beats owning your own business. Here are some of the great benefits you’ll likely find as you take the steps to start-up.

Set yourself free

Imagine only having to answer to yourself, with no-one telling you what to do. As a small business owner, you call the shots. Your business, your decisions; you’re the boss.

Customer story Waiheke Movers 2

“There are three types of people in this world –people who make things happen, people who watch what happens and people who wonder what happens.”Joanne Paul, Waiheke Movers

“We just love it. It’s one of the best business moves we have ever made” Garth & Louise Dillon, Deckchair Café

Build your own success

You’ll be amazed at the things you can achieve when you put your mind to it and step outside your comfort zone. Start on the journey and you’ll discover you’re capable of things you never thought possible.

"You have to learn new ways to conduct yourself, how to tap into different parts of your brain.”Jessie Stanley, I Love Pies

"I thought ‘I can’t do this’. Turns out I could.”Julia Latham, Flying Horse

Ultimate independence and flexibility 

Forget the 9 to 5. Working for yourself doesn’t go by the clock. You may have to work longer hours, with unpredictable income to start with - but you’ll do it when you want and on your terms.

“We make sure that we take regular time away from the business to enjoy our hobbies.” Hayley Molloy, Molly Woppy

“Acknowledge that the start-up journey is a rollercoaster of highs and lows, and learn to ride it.” - Ryan Sanders, Haka Tours

Love your work

Small business owners often enjoy work more than regular employees. That’s because when you’re invested in what you’re doing, the mental and financial rewards are all the sweeter.

Flower Project image2

“I love being creative and working with my hands and I really love working with people as well, seeing their expressions when you deliver the flowers and just being part of those people’s special moments.” Kathryn Fleming, The Flower Project

“In a short period of time we've seen our concept go from being just an idea to a viable start-up business and we've worked really hard to grow that into an export operation that showcases the best of our Kiwi innovation.” Fiona McIntyre, Passionberry

“It’s a rewarding place to be at this stage in our life. We made the right choice.”David Knight, Knights Osteopathy


Starting your own business can be challenging. But when you take the plunge, there can be no deeper sense of satisfaction.

For tips and information to help you become a successful business owner, get your free ANZ Business Start-up Guide.

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