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David and Sarah Knight aren’t afraid of a challenge, but in business they like a smooth ride. With the help of the ANZ FastPay smartphone app they’ve managed to ride the bumps in the road.

It’s one thing to move overseas; quite another to give up a successful London-based business to start afresh in New Zealand, with a new-born baby in tow. But this was the reality for osteopath David, who knew his wife Sarah wanted to raise their children in her home-town of Napier.

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“I’d had my West End based osteopathy practice for ten years, and it was very busy,” says David. “I had a lot of contacts, regularly treated performers from the Royal Opera House and enjoyed a great income.”

But when David met Kiwi Sarah, a bridesmaid at a mutual friend’s wedding, she made it clear going back to New Zealand was on the cards. The catalyst was falling pregnant shortly after their wedding, and knowing they would need to move to London’s suburbs, at least a two-hour commute for David each way.

“So we wound up David’s business, packed our bags and arrived in Napier two months before baby Ben was due,” says Sarah. After finding the perfect house with a garage they could convert into a clinic - “Ben arrived two days before we moved in – we don’t do things by halves!”- they turned to ANZ for help with setting up a business in New Zealand.

Previously a cancer nurse, Sarah has dedicated herself to raising Ben, now six, and little sister Sophie, three, and supporting David in his clinic. “I call myself the Practice Manager,” she says. “I take appointments, do the filing, keep the books – anything I need to do so David can focus on the patients.”

For Sarah, the introduction of ANZ FastPay into the business just over a year ago revolutionised the way she spent her time. “Before we were cash or cheque only,” says Sarah. The problem with not taking cards is that cheques take time to clear, and people didn’t always have cash.

“David looked into an EFTPOS terminal, but it wasn’t right for our business. So being able to take customer payments on our smartphones with ANZ FastPay is an ideal situation for us. The card reader that comes with the ANZ FastPay is technology people trust. It’s good for business.”

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“Not only has the cash flow of the business improved, it’s much easier for me to account for patient income. I can get reports on the transactions I’ve made through the app, and also get a report at the end of each month that clearly shows the ANZ FastPay payments, making it easy for me to identify what income we’ve received and from where.”

The flexibility and mobility of ANZ FastPay has also been useful during the Knights’ recent business expansion. “The move to Napier was a bit of a leap into the unknown,” admits David. “But the business has grown so much we’re building a new clinic, and looking to take on an associate practitioner. Right now Sarah and I are based at different sites, but we can both use ANZ FastPay from our own mobile phones – and I can take it with me if I need to treat patients at their home.”

Knights Osteopathy was born out of the wish to give their family a better quality of life than they could in London, and in return, David and Sarah are improving the quality of life for whanau in their local community.

“My London practice was so interesting, I saw such a variety of individuals – but they were just that, people in isolation,” says David. “Now I see parents, children, uncles, cousins and grandparents all from the same family. It’s interesting to be able to see recurring issues, to join the dots and prevent problems in a younger generation before they go further.

“We get to know people, understand their history, lives and needs. We’re a really family-orientated practice and it’s a rewarding place to be at this stage in our life. We made the right choice.”

Watch the ANZ FastPay demo videos to find out if could help your business, or find a local ANZ Business Specialist to talk to a specialist about improving your payment systems and cash flow.

ANZ FastPay is only available to approved merchants who meet ANZ’s credit approval criteria and have an ANZ Business Account. Terms, conditions and fees apply. Use of ANZ FastPay requires a cellular or wireless internet connection.

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