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With so much being said about the increasingly important role of women in business, this infographic takes a look at some key differences between female-owned and male-owned small businesses in New Zealand.

Infographic - Women in Business

Support for women in business

While the majority of small Kiwi businesses are owned by men, there are many successful female-owned businesses in New Zealand – Marree and Jessie’s I Love Pies, Fiona’s Passionberry, or Joanne’s Waiheke Movers are just a few examples of businesses that ANZ is supporting.

ANZ is committed to backing women in small business, so we commissioned research** to find out more about the differences between female and male-owned small businesses. Based on the top insights from this research we’ve created two women-only business workshops that we run for free around the country:

Come along to one of these workshops to further develop your business skills and to meet a network of other female business owners.



*TNZ Business Finance Monitor Q2 2011 – Q1 2013.

** ANZ commissioned research agency TNS to research women in business in 2013. As well as reviewing data and international reports, a range of primary research was conducted. This included in-depth interviews with a range of Auckland-based businesswomen, group discussions with businesswomen from Tauranga, Dunedin and Auckland, and a workshop with ANZ staff. Businesses included a mix of women-owned businesses varying in structure, size, industry type and life-stage.

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