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  • Maximising sales during the festive season

    The festive season is often the busiest and most vibrant time of the year for kiwi businesses across multiple industries. It’s important that businesses hit the ground running to maximise the opportunity.

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  • Net Profit Margin - Calculator

    This calculator will help you determine how profitable your business is after overheads are deducted.

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  • Negotiation tips - How to defend your price

    The appropriateness of a price is all in the eye of the beholder. It is completely subjective and is provided by the customer’s own preferences and needs, and the other contextual information around the price – like the features and benefits of your...

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  • Build your sales through successful telemarketing

    Telemarketing can significantly boost sales for businesses if it’s completed properly. With so much email, online display advertising and social media competing for attention, sometimes a phone call is a nice break. It’s really a question of...

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  • Why goal setting is important

    Goal setting gives you both direction and a destination and encourages you and your staff to reach beyond your perceived limits. This guide outlines the benefits of goal setting and the nine important steps for setting effective goals.

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