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About workshops

From starting up to growing your business, we offer a range of workshops to suit your stage of business. Start by learning how to create a business plan, to managing your staff - to effective marketing.

Each workshop runs for approximately 3 hours. The workshops are interactive and you'll have the opportunity to discuss the topic with other participants and undertake practical exercises to reinforce your understanding.

Depending on the venue, the workshops cater to between 40 and 60 attendees, giving you the chance to network with other business owners, as well as learn practical skills and strategies to benefit your business.

Here's a short summary of our workshop types:


Managing Your Time

As time flies … are you the passenger or the pilot?

For business owners who want to employ some simple Time Management strategies and avoid becoming "The Busy Fool". 


Creating a Business Plan

What does success mean to you?

Everybody wants to be successful but success means different things to different people. Do you have a clear idea of what you want out of your business and your life?


Understanding Your Financials

Are you in control of the numbers?

A down-to-earth, open style workshop designed to give a better understanding of what all those figures mean - in plain English!


Effective Marketing

Strapped for cash when it comes to advertising?

This workshop offer a number of low-budget commonsense marketing tips to help you grow your business through effective marketing.


Closing the Sale

Getting plenty of customers through the door but not many dollars in the till?

When you met someone there's a 75% chance they will have a different communication style to you.

To apply the four step process of selling more effectively, you need to understand both your style and theirs. We take you through the process so you understand the importance of each step.


Your People - Asset or Liability?

Is managing staff an issue for you?

Managing staff can be both stressful and very time consuming.

We cover a range of topics that will help you to identify the issues and to allow you to manage and motivate your staff more effectively.


Manage your cashflow better

Cash is KING … are you?

Most businesses will experience cashflow difficulties at some stage so it's important to know what to do.



Are you using your networks to get business?

Retailers and trades people can get up to 80% of their turnover from 'word-of-mouth' referrals. Professional people will get 90%.

To maximise this opportunity you need know how to network effectively.


Maximising the value of your business

The purpose of creating a business is to sell it … how ready to sell are you?

The sooner you start any plan and make any changes, the better shape your business will be in when its time to move on.

The benefit of this strategy is you end up with a better business now, plus one that's more appealing to a prospective buyer later.


Managing the risks from within  

Being in business is inherently risky, but you can minimize the impact on your business

We will take you through a series of scenarios to highlight a number of everyday issues that could potentially bring your business to its knees.

But as the saying goes … it doesn't need to end like that.


Smart Marketing - The internet is your friend

The internet can offer many opportunities provided your business has the right strategy

We will help you gain a basic understanding of the jargon and tools available, many of which are free, so you can make use of the internet to stay up with the play.


How to … write a cashflow forecast and collect what's owed

Your bank managers asks for a cashflow and you don't know where to start

82% of business failures are due to poor cashflow management … we'll help you avoid being be one of them.


How to … get better results from your advertising

They say only 50% of advertising works … the problem is which half

By taking some simple steps you will be able to improve on your current successes, thereby getting better value from the limited dollars you have available to spend on promoting your business.


How to … motivate your people to perform

People are the only lasting competitive advantage a business has.

This workshop will look at a range of topics that will allow you to identify, manage and motivate your staff more effectively.