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Understand Your Financials

Many business owners find the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements the hardest financial documents to understand. In this workshop you will learn the basics of financial reporting and how this can help your business.

Thursday, April 18, 2013 5:15 PM (3 hours)
St John Ambulance Hall
35 Bowen Street, Feilding. Map

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You can no longer book a place for this workshop.


For the business owner who wants to understand their financial accounts in greater depth and how they can use it to their business’ advantage.


We don’t just talk to you about the financial theory; in the workshop we will give you a chance to put the theory into practice with your own business’ books:

  • Why is accounting so important?
  • What is a Statement of Financial Position? (Balance Sheet)
  • What is the Statement of Financial Performance (Profit & Loss) and how does this tie in with the Balance Sheet?
  • How can I complete a health check of my business using this information?
  • An opportunity to network with like-minded business owners.


Your financial information can tell you a lot. Even simple calculations provide key information about your business which will help you plan and manage your finances. When you’ve got this sussed you can spot problems before they become serious and see where you have opportunities for growth.

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You can no longer book a place for this workshop.