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How to prepare your business for sale

Every business must be sold at some point in its lifecycle, and the best time to start planning for this is the day is opens. Get ahead of the game and come along to this workshop which covers the essentials of how to prepare and sell your business.


"The purpose of creating a business is to sell it!"

Don't wait until you want to, or have to, sell the business - start planning today. The longer you have to plan and make any changes, the better shape your business will be in when it’s time to move on.


This workshop will cover:

  • Why you should put a plan in place now?
  • What is your business worth now?
  • What do potential buyers look for?
  • What is your competitive advantage?
  • How to put a plan in place to improve profitability and sale price.
  • An opportunity to network with like-minded business owners.


By adopting this pro-sale strategy, your focus will be on having your business in the best possible shape at all times. In the short-term, you can end up with a more profitable business and in the longer-term, a business that's more appealing to those looking to buy.

So how ready to sell are you? Come along and find out more.

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