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How to write an effective business plan

Learn the basics of planning your business, why planning is important, a guide to preparing a plan and what a business plan can provide your business.


Business owners who want help with establishing a business plan for their business.


Your business plan:

  • The benefits of planning
  • A brief guideline to preparing a plan
  • The importance of understanding the market and business environment in which you operate
  • What are the key aspects I need to consider in developing my plan? This includes discussion and suggestions on: your business, the people in your business, marketing, suppliers, premises, equipment, technology and financials.
  • Where do I go to from here?


If you're like most people, chances are you've never put your thoughts down on paper or in fact structured your business around a set plan. It is something you can share with your team so you are each working to the same aim.


The plan will provide clear direction over the coming period. It will assist in decision making, avoid procrastination and provide ideas and tools by which you can measure your success. It will put you one step ahead of your competition.


After working through the Business Plan workshop you will have the knowledge and tools necessary to assist you with the completion of a basic business plan. The plan itself, once complete, will provide a sound basis for management and will enable you to share and celebrate your successes.


When you have done this once, I am sure you will see the benefits of planning. In our experience, all successful businesses have achieved their aims through sound planning.

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