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Understanding Trusts & Protecting Your Assets

A FREE business training session to help you understand trusts, protect the assets you’ve worked so hard to accumulate, and how relationships can affect your assets.


Small and Medium Business Owners, Asset Owners, Directors, Employers and anybody with assets that need protecting.

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The Fitness Test will cover

  • Using Trusts to Protect your Assets

  • Transferring Assets into a Trust

  • Effect of Health & Safety Reforms on Trusts

  • Relationships and your Assets


Clarity what a trust actually is and if you need one.  As a business owner learn how you can better protect your assets. 

Clarity around the protection offered by trusts in the event of litigation, fines and reparation. 

Helping you to understand the risk to your assets by being in business and in relationships.  

Understand the obligations and protections that having a Trust may provide.

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