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Women in business - sales, communication and negotiation skills

Despite moves towards equal opportunities and pay, women still lag behind men in both income and management positions in small businesses. In business, women are over represented in the ownership of low turnover businesses and under-represented in high turnover businesses. This workshop provides research behind this trend and identifies ways for women to get ahead in business.


Women in business who want to generate more sales and stimulate growth. This is a women-only session, designed specifically to cover the challenges and opportunities that tend to be unique to women.


In this workshop we will cover:

  • Common mistakes made by women in business.
  • How to understand your communication style and how your style may differ from other people.
  • Do men and women speak a different language?
  • How to adapt your communication style to get what you want.
  • Are you charging enough? How to calculate your charge out rate.
  • How to improve your sales and negotiation skills.


This workshop will provide you with the tools to communicate with all types of people. Leaving this workshop you will be able to negotiate effectively and increase your sales revenue.

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